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You are welcome to post comments, suggestions, questions or feature requests using this forum.


If you're interested, just drop us a mail and introduce yourself and write some code to show your skills. Development information can be found here.

Please make a donation if you enjoy using iTrade and would like to help support it. It will definitely help. Any donation starting from 5 euro/dollar is welcome. Using collected fund, long term plan is to have realtime data server for iTrade users !

Authors and Contributors

Gilles Dumortier (dgil) (dgil at ieee dot org) - Lead developer

Michel Legrand (Michel) (ml.legrand at free dot fr) - Lead Tester, Docs, /Images

Sébastien Renard (srenard) (sebastien.renard at digitalfox dot org) - Linux, Coding, Proxy

Peter Mills (peter_m_mills at bigpond dot com) - Australian Market, SO

Olivier Jacq (Oliver) (olivier.jacq at online dot fr) - helpful linux feedback, docs